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Energy Audits

Energy Audit is the first step towards energy efficiency. It’s an energy performance assessment of all systems/equipments that consume energy. This assessment is done through various engineering tests recommended by BEE with the help of state-of-art tools and BEE certified energy auditors.

The output of energy audit is a technical report containing –
  • Detailed view of current energy consumption pattern
  • Identify opportunities and create solutions to reduce energy use and hence energy cost.
  • Financial Analysis of each solution (Payback and IRR)
  • Various models to finance the entire project
  • Power Quality
  • Electrical Energy System
  • Thermal Energy System
  • Mechanical System
  • Proactive Audit
  • Benefits
  • Govt Support
  • Methodology
q With proactive approach our power quality audits helps you in solving power problems. It identifies & addresses the reliability. . We use state- of- art tools for data collection & site monitoring for neutral current/unbalanced loads/harmonics/surges/earthing solutions etc
Power Quality Audit Includes -
  1. Voltage Variation Study
  2. Harmonics Study
  3. Capacitor sizing, location and PF improvement
  4. Phase Load Imbalances
  5. Earthing Quality Study
q Electrical Energy System Audits-
  1. Power tariff, Billing and Energy consumption trend analysis
  2. Max Demand , PF and TOD consumption analysis
  3. Electrical distribution System, Feeders and Cabling
  4. Transformers loading and loss analysis
  5. Capacitor sizing, location and PF improvement
  6. Power Quality Audit (Harmonics analysis)
  7. Electric motors loading survey and Rewinding of motors
  8. Energy efficient motor and VFD application
  9. Lighting survey -Illumination levels, energy efficiency lamps and controls
  10. Electrical Heating ,Melting Furnaces and driers
q Thermal Energy System Audit
  1. Fuels Combustion Systems : oil, coal, gas & wood
  2. Steam Boilers
  3. Thermic Oil heaters and hot oil heating system
  4. oil fired heat treatment furnaces
  5. cement kilns (rotary)
  6. hot water boiler and distribution system
  7. heat exchangers
  8. hot and cold insulation survey
  9. waste heat recovery analysis and application
  10. solar water heater and driers
  11. bio-gasifiers
  12. dg sets-(fuel oil and gas)
  13. cogeneration power plant(biomass and coal)
Mechanical System Audit
  1. Pumps and Pumping system
  2. Air compressors and compressed air system
  3. Air-conditioning and Refrigeration system
  4. Fans ,Blowers ,Ventilation and Exhaust system
  5. Cooling Towers
  6. Humidification Plant
  7. Sewage Treatment Plants
  8. Water Treatment Plants
q Proactive Energy Audits-

Energy Audit does not necessarily be conducted after the facility has been commissioned. It can be done on design before implementation. Your consultant and contractor earns more money and reputation when you spend money but we make money and reputation when we save money for you. We review electrical and thermal system design of a new construction from energy efficiency perspective.
  1. Saving in capital cost
  2. Permanent reduction projected energy cost.
It gives answers to following questions to customers
  • How and How much energy can be saved.
  • How much carbon emission will be reduced
  • How much money can be saved every month
  • How much money is required as capital investment and what % returns will one generate on investment
  • How to raise the capital to implement the solutions?
  • Govt provides financial assistance for audit fee in form of refund as subsidy.
More often than not, you will see that implementation of solutions recommended in energy audits results into positive cash flow for your company.
Many State Nodal Agencies(ex: MEDA in Maharashtra) provides financial assistance under “Save Energy Program”. MEDA Refunds 50% of audit fee with a cap of Rs. 40,000 to consumer.
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