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Energy Consumption Optimization Program
Energy use reduction is no longer just a green initiative, escalating prices of energy and falling cost of technology is making capital investment in reducing energy use a prudent financial investment. SavEn India combines its energy management, vendor management and project management capabilities to identify and implement projects that reduce cost of ownership, operations and maintenance of energy consuming systems/equipments.

SavEn India works with the customer to appraise them about various rebates and financial benefits attached with such projects.
SavEn India is not attached to particular products because it wants to select the best solutions which have a balance of technology and cost depending on customer’s preference.

  • Benefits
  • Methodology
  1. Reduced Energy Cost hence reduced operational cost
  2. Contribution to carbon emission reduction due to reduced energy use. One unit saved at demand saved means saving of two units at generation end.

Capital Investment in Energy Efficiency can give more
returns than stock market, gold or silver.

More popularly known as Energy Efficiency Program. Following are the steps involved in ECOP.
  1. Energy Audit – Detailed energy audit is conducted and a plan is created depicting solutions, financial analysis, timeline and ways to raise capital investment.
  2. Energy Audit Report along with the execution plan is presented to management team of customer.
  3. After approval, Material is procured and solution are implemented for energy cost reduction
  4. Automated solutions are implemented to track the savings, monitor and control the energy consumption