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Energy Monitoring System

You can only control that you can monitor and measure
SavEn India's energy monitoring system named as Energy Intel is a MIS tool powered with statistical and graphical reports aimed at providing live pattern of energy consumption within plant/facility. The product is designed to systematically divide the facility in Energy Cost Centres for effective consumption tracking; hence it is a great product for head office and individual site office.

Energy Intel provides near real time access to data via internet through plug & play infrastructure of Energy meters and Communication Options (Zigbee, Wi-Fi , Ethernet, Cellular) Energy Intel is specially designed for small and medium businesses to overcome the prohibitive cost barriers associated with Building Management Systems.

SavEn India is not attached to particular products because it wants to select the best solutions which have a balance of technology and cost depending on customer’s preference.

  • Benefits
  • Methodology
  1. Tracks and Presents all important electrical parameters (kW, kWh, kVA, V, I and Harmonics) at user defined intervals.
  2. Presents consumption as per Cost Centres, Departments , Sites etc.
  3. Presents Statistical reports to help technical and administration teams to take control and corrective measures.
  4. Empowers to identify and avoid misuse.
  5. Supports identification of issues in equipment enabling preventive maintenance.
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