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Energy Service Performance Contracting

An ESPC, or Energy Savings Performance Contract, is aimed at eliminating the fiscal constraints that can kill a project before its conception. With a SavEn India ESPC, customers can retrofit and reduce energy costs without the need for capital expenditures. SavEn India gets into energy performance contracting in only select sectors depending on capital availability and risk profiles of the customer.

SavEn India pays all costs involved in identifying and installing new or upgraded energy-efficient equipment. The energy upgrades are paid for by cost savings resulting from these improvements over a set term. At the end of the ESPC, the customer owns all of the improvements and receives all of the continuing savings.

  • Benefits
  • Methodology
Various FI are extending loans as part of priority sector lending for energy efficiency
  1. Reduced cash outflow for energy cost without any investments.
  2. Reduced Energy Cost hence reduced operational cost at the end of the ESPC.
  3. Contribution to carbon emission reduction due to reduced energy use. One unit saved at demand saved means saving of two units at generation end.
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