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Renewable Power Generation
SavEn India’s renewable power generation currently includes generating power by harnessing solar power. Solar power is produced by using solar panels , which are large flat panels made up of many solar photo-voltaic(PV) cells.

SavEn India integrates the best available technology to create a customized solution as per customer’s location to generate captive power. Solar PV system can be installed in roof top or any other shade free area. SavEn combines innovation with engineering skills to deliver value through Captive Renewable Power Generation service.

Various subsidies by MNRE eliminate the budget obstacles that prevent organizations from incorporating solar power into their energy supply. Also, the technological advances are improving the efficiency of cells and cost of technology is constantly going
downwards.Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) which are traded Indian Energy Exchange is another incentive govt has rolled for Grid connected renewable power generation systems. We are not far from a time when same will be passed on to Off-Grid Systems.
A well designed solar photovoltaic system can give returns up to 18% annually.
  • Benefits
  • Methodology
  • Govt Support
  1. Contribute To Sustainability.
  2. Contribute To Energy Security.
  3. Less Dependency On Grid Power.
  4. No Erratic Power Cuts And Voltage Fluctuations.
  5. Better Returns Than Stock Markets And Other Securities For 25 Years.
  6. Green Power Usage Surely Gives a Competitive Edge Over Peers.
Comming Soon
Govt offers interest and capital subsidies under Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission.
    30% cost of project is offered by MNRE as capital subsidy
    50% cost of project is supported by MNRE in form of loan at 5% interest rate .
    Renewable Energy Certificate(REC) is awarded for each 1000 units generated which can be traded at 12000 Rs at Indian energy Exchange

A well designed solar photovoltaic system can give returns up to 18% annually.