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About SavEn India

We believe sustainability is the new frontier of innovation and businesses that embrace sustainability will gain the competitive edge. SavEn India aspires to create a profitable business that also adds value to community so we chose one aspect of sustainability that also is an impactful business issue i.e. SUSTAINABLE ENERGY.

SavEn India provides comprehensive services and solutions to address two key components of sustainable energy i.e. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. Our goal is Helping Customers Save Money & Environment.

Resolving Energy Issues Contributes to –
  1. Reduced energy cost hence increased bottom line of business
  2. Progression of country’s effort towards energy security
  3. Progression of Global effort towards protecting environment
We are a MEDA (Maharashtra Energy Development Agency) accredited energy auditing company. Our MEDA accreditation is our customers’ access key to MEDA subsidies.

Our Differentiators –
  • Focus On Creating Deep Understanding Customer’s Domain
  • Focus On Creating Deep Understanding Customer’s Customer
  • Focus On Delivering Financially Prudent Engineering Solutions