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Energy Audit
Solar PV System Design and Implementation
Energy Monitoring System
Anywhere you go, anywhere you turn – You can hear it. There is global discussion growing ever louder, there is a question being asked with greater urgency by individuals, companies and countries– how will we reduce our impact on earth by more efficient and renewable use of energy.
In India few additional questions are being asked –

    1   Where will the energy come from to meet our growth target of 9 -10% as
         demand supply gap is only growing?
    1   Cross subsidies are mounting financial losses of power and utility companies
          which are unviable over long term.

The Government is trying to expand capacities but that is not going to be enough. More and More customers and states are finding answers in more efficient and renewable use of energy.

Falling prices of technology, Government support and growing prices of conventional energy make energy efficiency and renewable energy not only sustainability issues but also wonderful fiscal instruments.
SavEn India provides energy management services on supply and demand side to provide financial and sustainability benefits to its customers.
SavEn India’s Energy management services are based on four principles -
  • Purchasing/Generating the energy at the lowest available price
  • Managing the energy consumption at peak efficiency
  • Utilizing the most appropriate technology
  • Ensuring monitoring and measurement of energy consumption is error free
SavEn India is focused on driving engineering team to create solutions which deliver financial value to customers.
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